who we are

At Broadrange Logistics, we provide our clients with full-service third-party logistics. 

We meet your expectations through our expert services, including ocean, air, warehouse, and trucking logistics. This includes a Total Solution that accounts for personnel, facilities, and any specialized services you need.

Our services are ideal for B2C (Business to Consumer) as well as B2B (Business to Business) companies. We offer cost-effective, efficient logistics solutions tailored to meet your company’s particular needs. Whether its e-commerce warehousing, logistics, container drayage, warehousing and shipping, or fulfillment services you need, we’re a one-stop 3PL shop.

Our management team is equipped with over 75 years of experience in logistics and transportation. We’re extremely proud of our skilled team that always meets clients’ demands and expectations. Broadrange’s expertise is solving unique problems and challenges in our customers’ supply chain network.

Our innovative thinking and approaches enable us to face any challenges head-on and provide our clients with real solutions that help their businesses achieve milestones. We constantly aspire to add value to your organization.

Whether it’s your first time with us or your hundredth, we take great care in ensuring that each shipment receives the same level of care.

Ari Milstein


Over the previous 20 years, Ari has built various successful companies as well as subsidiaries within major corporations. Combining the 20 years of entrepreneurial and real estate experience with the terrific BroadRange Logistics team and platform, Ari has brought together an exciting synergy of 3PL leadership talent, technologies, and operating capacity that is capitalizing on the value and fast-growing demand in the 3PL, trucking and warehousing industries.

Ari established himself as one of the country’s leading experts in automated parking development and operations and has applied, with the strong leadership team at BroadRange, those pioneering methods to the 3PL market.

Ari graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2000 from the NYU Stern School of Business. Ari commutes to Broadrange’s Atlanta headquarters from his home in Atlantic Beach, NY where he lives with his wife and 3 children.

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doug parks


Doug Parks is the founder of Broadrange Logistics. His former management experience at third-party logistics and freight forwarding companies such as Eagle Global Logistics, Q Logistics Solutions, and Emery Worldwide informed his decision to found a comprehensive full-service 3PL business.

With nearly two and a half decades of sales and operations experience, he has worked with industrial giants and Fortune 500 companies on a national scale to design, scale, and implement sophisticated, elegant supply chain solutions for their products and services.

charles s. lazar


Mr. Lazar was Managing Director at Wilshire Consulting International, heading up the push for the company’s growth in all locations outside the US  and Canadian markets. Wilshire is a diversified global financial services firm that serves in excess of 500 organizations in more than 20 countries, with combined assets under advisory exceeding $7 trillion (as of 12/31/10 based on data published in 12/26, 2011 issue of Pension and Investments).

Prior to this, Mr. Lazar held senior management positions in such firms as Morgan Stanley, Refco, and Merrill Lynch. Mr. Lazar completed his undergraduate degree in Business Administration at York University Toronto and did graduate work at Harvard University, Cambridge MA