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From design to delivery, Broadrange will make certain that you obtain your desired results. We manage the supply chain process and proactively monitor and make adjustments to ensure your success. By reducing cycle times and placing adequate controls on your inventory – we will provide your company that competitive edge to increase profitability and shed wasted cost.


Look to Broadrange Logistics when partnering with a logistics provider. This will allow your company to focus on what your company does BEST and leave the transportation and logistical challenges to us.

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At Broadrange Logistics, we are committed to getting your products to the marketplace on time and intact. With our full compliment of services, we route your product to it’s final destination using the most efficient and timely mode of transportation.


Kitting, assembly, repackaging, labeling and other specialized services are all part of our assembly services that we offer our valued customers. When utilized with our consolidation or distribution services, your company will benefit with greater efficiencies across the supply chain, thus reducing your overall cost.


In our current economic times, having that peace of mind that your company is operating as efficiently and profitably as it should, goes a long way. When looking for smart solutions, look to Broadrange to manage your fulfillment services. We offer complete fulfillment service solutions for manufacturers, web retailers and others looking to gain greater control.

Assembly, Distribution and Fulfillment


Broadrange Logistics provides global consolidation services to adequately manage the movement of merchandise to distribution centers and retail outlets around the world. These services our designed to reduce cost, optimize cycle times and improve product flow for both inbound and outbound freight. Coupled with our assembly and distribution services, we can reduce your cycle times and land your product on the shelves much quicker – giving you that competitive lead to the market.

Broadrange has the ability to break down your air or ocean containers or road trailers, into smaller shipments for onward delivery to regional DC’s or the ultimate customer. This deconsolidation service will break down the container into order or shipping quantity units for distribution. We will simplify your shipping processes by separating shipments into workable units by destination, PO or SKU, and will provide automation and scanning when required.


Once the materials arrive our warehouse, we leave nothing to chance. Items are sorted, tagged, labeled (if necessary) and directed to their assigned location. Our warehouse system optimizes the location of the product based on many levels of criteria thus reducing order-picking times and other associated labor cost.


Broadrange serves many clients that require their product to constantly move in and out under the FIFO method and others that require items to ship by lots for quality purposes. Whether using our inventory management system in any or all of our warehouses or requesting us to adopt and work with your own companies proprietary system, we can step up and meet that request. Our flexibility and willingness to adapt has allowed us to capture new business while allowing the customer to make a quick switch in their warehousing with little to no down time.

Inventory Management and Control

Order Processing

Broadrange specializes in distributed order management. From small and medium companies that serve a regional client base to large national companies that serve an international supply base, we can help. Much of our business flows through a focused domestic distribution network via ground, air, LTL or pool distribution to regional DC’s across the U.S. We can assist in processing your inbound sales orders and outbound purchase orders to optimize your supply chain.

Pick and Pack Functions

Our pick and pack service offering allows for the accurate order fulfillment of multiple product lines, brands, etc. Goods are stored in their original packaging, as received from suppliers until such time as product is scheduled out. Since each Pick and Pack project possesses different requirements, we execute each job independently to ensure cost effectiveness and quality of service. We will process your orders upon receipt, and they ship within 24 hours (many runs will ship within same business day).

If you have an e-commerce operation and are looking to outsource

your fulfillment services, we can handle it – call Broadrange!

Our Service Offerings

Our experienced team will evaluate your unique business requirements and tailor a program to suit your specific business needs. Our program will help you reduce your freight expense and improve service from your suppliers and to your customers. In addition to reducing cycle times and onhand inventory, our business model will reduce the administration cost of managing multiple vendors.


Broadrange Logistics staff will manage, monitor and optimize your logistics network for premium results.

Supply Chain Management

Broadrange Logistics provides national warehousing at our company owned and partner warehouses strategically located throughout the U.S. These logistic centers can cater to your companies unique supply chain needs. Unlike the mammoth 3PL providers that lack service and attention to detail, Broadrange will custom fit your warehousing needs to match your exact requirements – thus driving dollars back to your bottom line.


Our expertise in managing dedicated and multi-user facilities supports clients’ manufacturing operations as well as finished goods distribution. This approach affords our client base scalable solutions that meet their current and future needs.

Warehouse Management

Reverse Logistics

Broadrange Logistics understands the reverse product life cycle and how this model can deliver improved cash flow, customer satisfaction and greater operational control. We provide solutions geared toward the recovery, consolidation and redistribution of these assets.


After reversing the cycle of losses, customers can actually see value through this process. Product returns, product recalls, used equipment and replacement parts for refurbishment are all ways.