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Pennsylvania Warehousing and Logistics: Providing Effortless 3PL Solutions, Throughout the Entire Process

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Gouldsboro, PA
100 First Ave.
Gouldsboro, PA 18424

Shoemakersville, PA
29 Ludwig Ct.
Shoemakersville, PA 19555

Our Pennsylvania 3PL Warehousing Locations

Unveil the prowess of Pennsylvania, a formidable $800+ billion economy, holding its own among the powerful state economies in the US. If Pennsylvania were a country, it would command the 21st spot globally, leaving nations like Sweden, Belgium, and Taiwan in its wake! Home to over 13 million residents, Pennsylvania stands as the fifth-most populous state in the nation, a pulsating blend of rich history and dynamic culture.

Envision the charm of rolling hills, the strategic advantage of easy access to crucial interstate highways, and the proximate Atlantic Ocean, enhanced by a mix of four distinctive seasons fostering steady productivity. It’s no surprise that Pennsylvania is an epicenter for domestic and international trade. It’s not merely a state; it’s an economic tour de force. Explore the infinite possibilities that our Pennsylvania warehouses provide.

  • 550,000 Sq. Ft. of Space 
  • 42 Dock Doors
  • 315 Trailer Spaces
  • 32 Ft. Ceiling Height
  • 1,240,013 Sq. Ft. of Space 
  • 81 Dock Doors
  • 304 Trailer Spaces
  • 40 Ft. Ceiling Height

Pennsylvania Warehousing

Pennsylvania is abuzz with the launch of more new businesses than many other states in the US. Moreover, companies here are exporting a substantial $50 billion worth of goods to nearly every part of the globe. That’s right, 180+ countries are reaping the benefits of Pennsylvania’s exports. This isn’t just an accomplishment; it’s a noteworthy triumph that positions Pennsylvania amongst the top exporting states in the US.

But Pennsylvania isn’t just about impressive figures. This state boasts a robust infrastructure, including three major ports and multiple international and domestic airports. Picture that – it’s like having a personal gateway to any global destination. These commerce hubs connect Pennsylvania with the international marketplace, offering a fast lane for your products to reach global markets. In Pennsylvania, the world doesn’t merely knock on your door—it swings wide open, unveiling a red carpet for your products destined to reach customers.

And here’s where BroadRange Logistics comes into play. We operate these warehouses with space of over 1,790,013 square feet, nestled in Gouldsboro and Shoemakersville. We’re ready to propel your business to new heights. So, are you prepared to embark on this journey with us?

Pennsylvania Warehousing 2
Pennsylvania Warehousing

Benefits of our Warehousing in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s warehousing scene, particularly in the Lehigh Valley, is a game changer for any business aiming to make a mark in the ecommerce sector. Its strategic location serves as a launching pad to major markets like New York, Washington D.C., and beyond to Canada, cementing its status as a logistics hub. The Lehigh Valley region, once known for its rich industrial history, has emerged as a critical node in the ecommerce supply chain, offering businesses rapid access to a vast consumer base.

But the benefits of Pennsylvania stretch beyond geography and ecommerce. With a diverse workforce, thriving tech and manufacturing sectors, and commitment to sustainability, Pennsylvania is a fertile ground for growth. The state’s business-friendly environment and recognition for ease of doing business are further incentives. Choose Pennsylvania and tap into the ecommerce boom in the vibrant Lehigh Valley, while enjoying a blend of strategic advantage, innovation, and tradition that fuels your business success.

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