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Franklin, IN
500 Bartram Pkwy.
Franklin, IN 46131

Our Indiana 3PL Warehousing Locations

Indiana is a dynamic $370+ billion economy and an embodiment of the American Midwest’s industrious spirit. In fact, Forbes magazine ranked Indiana as the number 1 state to start a business in 2023. If it were a country, Indiana would comfortably take the 54th spot on the global stage, surpassing countries like Vietnam and New Zealand! A home to 6.7 million residents, Indiana is also known as the Crossroads of America due to its central location not only within the US but also in the north American continent.

Imagine the allure of vast, rolling plains, the strategic advantage of a central location within the US, and the availability of four distinct, productivity-boosting seasons. It’s no wonder that Indiana shines as a hub for manufacturing, logistics, and agriculture. It’s not just a state, it’s a regional powerhouse. Discover the endless possibilities that our Indiana warehouse offers.

  • 808,505 Sq. Ft. of Space
  • 78 Dock Doors
  • 100 Trailer Spaces
  • 42 Ft. Ceiling Height

More About Indiana Warehousing

Indiana is thriving with a bold economic development strategy that is attracting high-tech, fast-growing industries. The state’s commitment to fostering economic growth is manifested in a new $500 million deal closing fund to attract transformative investments but also provides additional resources for mega deals over $5 billion, and a new site acquisition fund for shovel-ready development.

Indiana is not just about boasting impressive figures. We’re talking about a state that’s primed to become a hub for future-focused industries like electric vehicles, semiconductors, life sciences, and agri biosciences. These industries are the future of global trade and commerce, and Indiana is ready to be a key player in this exciting era. In Indiana, the future isn’t something that simply arrives—it’s something that’s actively built and shaped, offering a gateway for your products to not just reach but create new markets. 

And here’s where BroadRange Logistics comes in. With a state-of-the-art warehouse nestled in Franklin (Indianapolis region), the heart of Indiana, we’re all set to propel your business into the future. So, are you ready to take this exciting journey with us?

Indiana Warehousing
Indiana Warehousing Dock Doors

Benefits of our Warehousing in Indiana

Indiana’s warehousing ecosystem is a game-changer for businesses seeking to conquer the American Midwest. Our Franklin (Indianapolis) warehouse’s central location offers easy access to a vast consumer base, reducing shipping times and costs. The state’s robust transport infrastructure, including highways, railroads, and airports, ensures smooth logistics. But Indiana’s benefits extend beyond geography and infrastructure. A strong manufacturing sector offers unique supply chain synergies, while the state’s four distinct seasons allow for year-round operations.

Indiana’s commitment to innovation, as seen in its growing tech and renewable energy sectors, provides exciting collaboration opportunities. Furthermore, a favorable business climate, lower cost of living, and high-quality workforce make Indiana an ideal base for your operations. Discover the Indiana difference—cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and growth, all in one strategic location.

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