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Georgia: Your Premier End-to-End Solution for 3PL Warehousing and Logistics

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Adairsville, GA
7634 Highway 140
Adairsville, GA 30103

Pendergrass, GA
94 Logistics Ln.
Pendergrass, GA 30567

Atlanta, GA
105 Kendall Park Ln.
Atlanta, GA 30336

Forest Park, GA
5300 Kennedy Rd.
Forest Park, GA 30297 (HQ)

Cartersville, GA
800 Cassville White Rd SE
Cartersville, GA 30121

Our Georgia 3PL Warehousing Locations

Four key locations in and around the Atlanta and the metro region with full-service logistics capabilities to benefit from major transportation hubs

  • 1,003,000 Sq. Ft. of Space
  • 214 Dock Doors
  • 260 Trailer Spaces
  • 32 Ft. Ceiling Height
  • 525,000 Sq. Ft. of Space
  • 80 Dock Doors
  • 150 Trailer Spaces
  • 50 Ft. Ceiling Height
  • 408,600 Sq. Ft. of Space
  • 74 Dock Doors
  • 70 Trailer Spaces
  • 32 Ft. Ceiling Height
  • 376,980 Sq. Ft of Space
  • 106 Dock Doors
  • 82 Trailer Spaces
  • 36 Ft. Ceiling Height
  • 691,667 Sq. Ft of Space
  • 124 Dock Doors
  • 177 Trailer Spaces
  • 40 Ft. Ceiling Height

More about our Georgia Warehousing options

Georgia is vibrant with the advent of more new enterprises than a significant portion of other states in the US. What’s more, local businesses are exporting an impressive $60 billion in goods to virtually every part of the world. Indeed, over 190 countries are experiencing the advantages of Georgia’s vigorous exports. This achievement is not merely significant; it’s an extraordinary victory that situates Georgia among the leading exporting states in the US.

Yet, Georgia is not just about compelling statistics. This state boasts a robust infrastructure, incorporating two major ports in Savannah and Brunswick, along with a plethora of international and domestic airports. Picture that – it’s akin to having a personal access point to any global destination. These commercial lifelines connect Georgia with the international marketplace, offering a quick path for your products to reach global markets. In Georgia, the world doesn’t simply knock on your door—it flings it wide open, laying out a path of opportunities for your products bound for international customers.

This is where BroadRange Logistics comes into play. We manage four sizable warehouses in and around the Atlanta areas, cumulatively offering over two million square feet of space, strategically positioned in Pendergrass, Forest Park, Atlanta, and Cartersville. We stand poised to elevate your business to new summits. So, are you ready to embark on this journey with us?

Georgia Warehousing
Georgia Warehousing 3

Benefits of our Warehousing in Georgia

Choosing Georgia for your warehousing operations could significantly propel your business, especially if you’re targeting the ecommerce sector. Strategically located, Georgia provides a stepping stone to crucial markets such as Florida, the Carolinas, and even stretching to the Midwest, solidifying its place as a key logistics hub.

However, the advantages of Georgia go beyond geographical positioning and ecommerce accessibility. The state is home to a diverse workforce, dynamic tech and manufacturing sectors, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability, presenting a thriving environment for business growth. Additionally, Georgia’s friendly business climate and its recognition for business ease make it an attractive choice for businesses. By opting for Georgia, you can benefit from the escalating ecommerce market while enjoying a blend of strategic location, innovation, and tradition that will fuel your business’s success.

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