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Florida Warehousing and Logistics: Delivering Seamless 3PL Solutions, Every Step of the Way

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Apopka, FL
2521 Peterson Rd.
Apopka, FL 32703

Ocala, FL
2796 NW 35th Ave.
Ocala, FL 34475

Our Florida 3PL Warehousing Locations

Unleash the power of Florida, a colossal $1+ trillion economy, standing tall among a mere five states in the US that can stake such a claim. Were it a country, Florida would proudly take the 20th spot on the world stage, outshining Spain, Netherlands, and Mexico! A bustling hub of 22 million residents, Florida is the third-most populous state in the nation, teeming with life and vibrant culture.

Imagine the allure of boundless coastlines, the strategic advantage of easy access to the pulsating Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean, coupled with an abundance of sunny days to boost productivity. It’s no wonder that Florida reigns supreme as a magnet for international imports and exports. It’s not just a state, it’s a global powerhouse. Discover the endless possibilities that our Florida warehouses offer.

  • 280,000 Sq. Ft. of Space
  • 71 Dock Doors
  • 92 Trailer Spaces
  • 32 Ft. Ceiling Height
  • 350,893 Sq. Ft. of Space
  • 100 Dock Doors
  • 180 Trailer Spaces
  • 36 Ft. Ceiling Height

Florida Warehousing

Just picture it: the year is 2022, and Florida is buzzing with the birth of more new businesses than any other state in the US. Not just that, the companies based here are exporting a mind-boggling $70 billion worth of goods to virtually every corner of the globe. We’re talking about 200+ countries benefiting from Florida’s exports. This isn’t just an achievement; it’s a colossal triumph that launches Florida to the 6th spot in the league of the largest exporting states in the US. 

Florida isn’t just about throwing big numbers at you. We’re talking about a state that’s got a sturdy network of 15 deep-water seaports and 20 commercial airports. Imagine that, it’s like having a personal doorway to every destination in the world. These beehives of trade and commerce connect Florida with the globe, offering an expressway for your products to hit international markets. You see, in Florida, the world doesn’t simply come knocking at your door—it swings wide open, laying out a red carpet for your products waiting to get in the hands of the customers. 

And here’s where BroadRange Logistics comes into play. With a sprawling total of 630,893 square feet warehouses tucked away in Apopka (that’s in the Orlando metro region, by the way) and our new warehouse in Ocala, we’re all set to launch your business to the stars. So, are you ready to join the ride? 

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Florida Warehousing
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Benefits of our Warehousing in Florida

In the heart of the US, Florida’s warehousing offers distinct advantages that can turbocharge your business. Enjoy immediate access to both domestic and international markets thanks to our strategic warehouse location in Apopka (Orlando) and robust infrastructure, including seaports, airports, and highways. Get immediate access to the massive local market, business-friendly policies, and diverse workforce.

But that’s not all. Florida’s close ties with Latin America, ample industrial space, and growing e-commerce share open new avenues for your business. Plus, Florida’s thriving tourism industry and strong logistics sector provide additional opportunities and expertise. Experience the Florida advantage—efficiency, profitability, and growth in one dynamic package.

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